costco Armed Man Shot and Killed at Summerlin CostcoThree Las Vegas police officers shot and killed a man who brandished a hangun at the Costco in Summerlin on Saturday afternoon.

Capt. Patrick Neville said police received a 911 call from Costco at 12:47 p.m. reporting a man inside the store destroying merchandise. Neville said police were later told the man had a gun.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, police arrived as customers were exiting the store because Costco management ordered an evacuation. One person pointed police to the man in question.

Neville said an officer then tapped the individual on the shoulder and announced himself as an officer, the suspect then spun around and reached for a gun.

“They ordered him to the ground,” Neville said of officers. “He does not comply with that order. He reaches for the weapon, pulls the weapon out, at which time, the weapon was out of the waistband.”

Neville said three officers fired at the suspect, striking him numerous times. The shooting occurred just outside the front entrance of the store. At least 20 people were in the vicinity of the shooting, Neville said.

The suspect was taken to the University Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Neville said the man also had a second weapon on his person, which was discovered when he was transported to the hospital.

Neville described the weapons as semi-automatic handguns. Police didn’t say whether the man had a concealed weapon’s permit.

Authorities did not release the name of the deceased individual, but police described him as a white man in his 30s or 40s, who stood 6 foot 1 and weighed 190 pounds.

The identities of the officers who fired their weapons will be released 48 hours after the shooting, per department policy. The officers were placed on paid administrative leave.

A Clark County coroner’s inquest will be convened to determine whether the officers’ actions were justified, excusable or criminal.

  1. William Clark says:

    The disgruntled Costco customer was contained by “Executive” members.

  2. Anonynous says:

    should be thoroughly investigated by third party

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