pot brownies San Francisco's Rules for Making Pot Brownies

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You know you’re a Californian when you have to ask if the brownies someone brought to a potluck are “special” or not.

But while the casual peddler of edible marijuana on sunny days in the City’s parks still faces arrest, the City’s Department of Public Health has rules for legitimate edible cannabis treats at medical marijuana dispensaries.

For instance, anything that requires refrigeration is right out unless the dispensary applies for an exemption, so you might want to rethink your plans for a soda fountain at your dispensary.

In fact, making anything look like candy which might attract children — such as candy bars wrapped in packaging meant to mimic popular brands — is also forbidden.

The packaging does, however, have to state the amount of marijuana in the food, and whether it contains any potential allergens such as nuts.

Only members of a dispensary are allowed to make the products, and if they intend to sell them at more than one location, they need to have a food handler’s permit.

If California voters pass Proposition 19, the Tax Cannabis Act that would effectively decriminalize the recreational use of the drug, you can expect similar regulations to apply to entrepreneurs looking to bake goods that will get you baked.

Only in California and only in San Francisco…they’re more concerned about whether or not potential allergens such as nuts are in the brownies that get you high.  And, only in San Francisco where the City Department of Public Health publishes rules for legitimate edible marijuana brownies. 

If California does vote to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, how should Nevada respond?  If it’s legal there should people be allowed to bring it into Nevada for weekend celebrations?  Should Nevada follow suit and legalize and regulate it as well?  If California does legalize it, would it be the breaking of the dam and many U.S. states would soon follow through with their own legalization?  Let me know what you think.

– Alan Stock

  1. writerpro25 says:

    I can’t wait for the November election so that pot can finally be legalized. If not this year then the next. http://stonerdiary.wordpress.com

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