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Support Tark for the Hall of Fame!

Legendary UNLV men’s basketball head coach Jerry Tarkanian is one of 12 finalists for enshrinement into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. The Class of 2013 will be announced on April 8th.
Tark won a national championship, has lead teams to four Final Fours and is 16th all-time with 729 wins. 100.5 KXNT and UNLV Rebel Nation agree, it’s time to send Tark to the Hall!

Do you think Jerry Tarkanian should be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame? Sign the petition below to show your support and share your comments with Hall of Fame voters.

100.5 KXNT Petition to Support Tark for the Hall!

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Current Total Signatures: 663 (updated 2/12/13 at 12:53 PM)

Hand Signed Jerry Tarkanian Petiton

Sherry L Alves

Henderson, NV

The best
coach Las Vegas has ever had, he deserves to be in the Basketball Hall of Fame. His record speaks for

terry Schochenmaier

N Las Vegas, NV

Tracey Phillips

Henderson, NV

In my eyes,
the best college basketball coach of our time!William H. WilsonHenderson, NVThe finest
coach ever in the state of Nevada! A man of emmense courage.Artie DeLucaHenderson, NVWith all the wins he has accumulated of course he should into the Basketball Hall of Fame!connie clarklas vegas, NV700 wins and a huge fan base. Attendance at games back then was Max capacity.Helen Jo OsborneReno, NVHe’s the
best coach ever. I’m an alum of UNLV…and so proud to sign my name to the petition.John YusunasLas Vegas, NV Darmon ThorntonLas Vegas, NV Justin HarrisLas Vegas, NV Michael C. KrotchieLas Vegas, NVHe is the
greatest basketball coach UNLV has had and has made a lasting impact on college basketball.Rick RoncaLas Vegas, NV Amber HoytLas Vegas, NVTark took
four teams to the Final Four and won a national championship. He also won more than 80% of his
Tark coached inner city kids that major programs overlooked. He made good players great.
It’s long overdue that Coach Tark the Shark be admitted to the Hall of Fame.Amy Michelle TarkanianLas Vegas, NVHe is loyal,
dedicated and hard working! He gave many people great opportunities when most would not. He put
Nevada on the map and has made her proud! Heck, most don’t even “like” their in-laws and I “love”
mine! :) All around great guy!Biff FischerAlbany, NYWon over
80% of his games with 706 wins and a national title. Took an unheard-of (basketball) school in the
desert and brought them to the Final Four four times.

Made staying up until 2am on Big Mondays a must-do on the East Coast for several years. Runnin’
Rebels were THE TEAM in college basketball in late 80′s/early 90′s.

Cultivated an interest in basketball in Las Vegas; now several conferences have their postseason
tournaments in Vegas.

Lou Carnesecca and John Chaney are already in HOF; compare their records to Tark’s. There is an East
Coast bias to the selections, and I live in NY.

Its ridiculous that Tark and Rick Pitino aren’t in HOF yet.

Bob HastingsDayton, NVHe is one of
the greats of all time.Brittany StubitzLas Vegas, NV Diego GuzmanLas Vegas, NVIt’s a joke
that he isn’t already in.Eric FriedmanLas Vegas, NVJerry
Tarkanian is one of the best college basketball coaches the NCAA has ever had. Coach Tark took
players that nobody else wanted, or thought was a bad kid and developed them into All Pro basketball
players as well as productive members of our society. Coach Tark Put together a team of so called
nobody’s or “bad kids” and developed them into National Champions, and not in New York, or Los
Angeles. He did it in Las Vegas, which at that time was barely even on the map. Coach Tarkanians
record should speak for itself. A national Championship, 729 wins, numerous Final fours, In my opinion
Coach Jerry Tarkanian Should already be in the Hall of fame. I have had the honor and privilege of
meeting and talking with Coach Tarkanian. I grew up watching the Runnin Rebels and still to this day,
barely do i ever miss a rebels game… Please vote for Coach Tark!!!Gregory GoussakSan Marcos, CAResults
matter. Tark revolutionized the game. He changed the way college basketball is played today.
City: San MarcosJames CortezHenderson, NVBeyond the
NBA players, the statistics of wins, and being a forward thinking coach who encouraged African-
American youth to go to college when most of college coaches only recruited Anglo players; Coach
Tark changed a game and how it is played. Coach should be credited with a change of a community. He
has been very active in the local community as a voice of non-profits. There is not many coaches who
haven’t been inducted that has his credentials. He belongs with the elite coaches who played the
game.Jason FrameLas Vegas, NVTark
revolutionized the came of College Basketball with his up tempo Runin’ Rebel style of offense to go
along with a stifling man to man and amoeba zone defense. He was the most winning-est coach of all
time in terms of percentages, and even 20 years after his departure, UNLV is still #4 all time in winning

He has over 700 D1 wins, multiple Sweet Sixteens, 4 Final Fours and a National Championship.

Justin MooreLas Vegas, NV Kelly MckenzieLas Vegas, NVLook at his
wins as a collage coach. His Win perct. 4 final fours, NCAA National Championship. Plus look at his
NCAA tourn record. His record as a Jr collage coach. If he does not belong in then they need to throw
out every coach that is in the hall of fame now.Ken PettigrewOntario, CAHe taught
young men work ethnic, team work and what it take to become a man in this worldMaureen WarkentienLake Oswego, ORHe is and
was a brand in college basketball even before there was branding. Most winning percentage.
Outstanding coach. Who in the hall rivals his success rate? Not many if any. Why has he been denied?
He has probably beaten many of the coaches’ teams that have been inducted. It is an embarrassment
that he is continually passed over.Mike HenleLas Vegas, NVNot only
does he have one of the winningest records in college basketball, but he also beat the NCAA in court
twice and thereby changed the game of college basketball.
As a sportswriter during Tark’s days at UNLV, I found him to be someone with both tenacity and
courage. He didn’t waffle nomatter what the challenge and besides, he put Las Vegas on the map with
his 1990 NCAA National Title.
Former UCLA great Bill Walton said long ago that Tark should be in the Hall of Fame. All I want to know
now is (a) who votes on the candicates? and (b) what has taken so long to get this one done?
The man deserves to be in the Hall of Fame for not only what he accomplished on the court but also
what he accomplished in a court of law.Mike LicataHenderson, NVHis record
speaks for itself.Pamela panagakosLas Vegas, NVOne of the
best coaches in college basketball of all time. He led UNLV for so many years and changed Las Vegas
college basketball.. One of the greats in our Las Vegas history.. Its an obvious choice!Richard A. ChapmanLas Vegas, NVTark
gathered together player from around the country that may not have gotten national attention else
ware. As well, Tark instilled in his kids staying the course through all odds and not quieting in life.Richard MacLeanLas Vegas, NVNo coach in
our State’s history has done more for the people of Nevada than Jerry Tarkanian. He put UNLV (among
other schools he coached at) on the map! This is about one of the most winning coaches in the sport’s
history, but more than that it’s about a man who epitomizes WINNER! Put Tark in the HALL!!!

Ronnie Marx

Las Vegas, NV 

Scott Boyce

Boulder City, NV

1) He
started his college coaching at Riverside City College from 1961–1966 then to Pasadena City College
from 1966-68. Where he coached teams to four straight California junior college championships—three
at Riverside, one at Pasadena.

2) He then moved to Division I basketball as coach at Long Beach State from 1968–1973, where he was
among the first coaches to use more than 3 black starters, violating an unwritten rule at the time, and
pioneered the use of Junior College athletes.

3) Then he moved to UNLV from 1973-1992. His “Runnin’ Rebels” known for an up-tempo style,
stifling defense, and going on long runs that turned close games into blowouts.

Sharon LeslieLas Vegas, NV Stacy SitarzLas Vegas, NV Tony Joseph LeyvaMonterey, CACoach
Tarkanian deserves to be in the Hall of Fame because of his great career. He has won at every level
and assembled perhaps the greatest college basketball team ever. As a Fresno State Fan I saw first
hand what kind of coach and man he is. Coach Tark is one of the good guys. God Bless him!Tracie GrafLas Vegas, NV Tyler MaysLas Vegas, NV Mary KhayatGlendale, CA Jack FertigFresno, CAWhy Jerry
Tarkanian Should Be in the Hall-of-Fame Tangible reasons:
1 – Overall record: 990-228 (81.3%); Division I: 784-202 (79.5%),
729-201 (78.4%) counting vacated games
2 – 4 Final Fours (’77, ’87, ’90, ’91); National Champions in 1990
3 – 38-18 (67.9%) in NCAA Tournament games
4 – Undefeated seasons 1963-64 (JC); 1990-91 (D-I)
5 – Won four straight Cal JC titles (1963-67)-at two JC’s (Riverside & Pasadena)Amy F. YoungLas Vegas, NVBecause he
is one of the greatest! Tark the Shark~Frank White IIIKansas City, MOHe coached
an exciting style of play that influenced countless players and coaches. He also put the smackdown on
Duke in the Final Four.Ralph LawlerMarina Del Rey, CAI broadcast
Jerry’s games in the 1960′s at Riverside City College where he Won 3-straight State Junior College
Basketball Championships. Jerry has Won at every level. He was born to coach and born to Win. His
record speaks for itself. He is a Hoop genius and in 50+ years around the college and pro game – I’ve
never seen a coach care more about his players. Once he coached a player he was there for him for
Life. He belongs in the Basketball Hall of Fame.Elie MorrisLas Vegas, NVA glance at
his record should be enoughRudy YovichPerrysburg, OHCoach
Tarkanian was, without a doubt, one of the greatest college basketball coaches in NCAA history. Over
720+ wins.John PaonessaPittsburgh, PAHis record
speaks for itselfChristopher Ryan SmithSantee, CAJerry
Tarkanian was an innovator of modern day basketball. His high scoring, brash, in your face kind of
basketball has been adopted by the NBA and colleges far and wide. He was a man who helped evolve
the game.

Jerry also provided opportunities to youth from the inner-cities to play basketball for him and work to
earn a degree. He was willing to work with kids some other coaches thought were too much trouble.
His success stories include players like Stacey Augmon, Larry Johnson and Greg Anthony.

Sam zuppeNew castle, PAHe’s a great
coach and leader of menRobert MoynahanLas Vegas, NVJerry
Tarkanian deserves to be voted into the Naismith hall of fame because he was the coach that put
UNLV on the map and revolutionized the fast break with a “bad boy” spin to it.Scott SmithLas Vegas, NV don dikeReno, NVBecause he
was able to take a 2nd rate program, to a 1st rate championship, with talent, skill, and little money.
More than anything he transformed a gambling village into a city because he rallied many disparate
groups into rallying for the hometown team. Besides his many years of work at Fresno, he was a
winner, and at the end of the day thats what matters.

Dean Stump

Las Vegas, NV

How do you
argue against 700+ wins?

Loren Noel

Las Vegas, NV

wouldn’t you put him in there?

Chad Hanson

Las Vegas, NV

John Foley

Las Vegas, NV

coach! He is UNLV Basketball!Daniel McRobertsBoulder City, NVLook at his

Amaia ItuarteLas Vegas, NV Angela GianniosisLas Vegas, NVHe put
UNLV/Rebels on the map.Arthur E MooreLas Vegas, NVJerry put Las
Vegas in the limelight for NCAA recognition accross the nation. He won the hearts of many fans that
still attend Rebel BB games today. Jerry has incouraged the entire community to support UNLV sports
of any nature. Jerry’s record is amazing..Benny GonzalezLas Vegas, NV4 final
fours,, a national championship, generations of Las Vegans love him as the coach who made UNLV
basketballBillie J. HemLas Vegas, NVhe should
already be in there and we wouldnt have to get it done this way. shame on them!!!!!!Brittany WellhamLas Vegas, NVHe is one
the greatest coaches in NCAA history. He united this city with everything he had and to this day there
is tark fever all around Las Vegas. He deserves itCarlos Alberto HernandezLas Vegas, NVHe is one of
the best NCAA choaches of all time and was very devoted to his student athletesCasey JulianoLas Vegas, NV Cheryl L HardenFRISCO, TXI don’t know
much about sports, but I grew up in Las Vegas, and I remember my whole family loved UNLV
basketball. In our house, it was The Chicago Bears, Cubs, Bulls, and the UNLV Rebels. I was a little girl,
and even had a UNLV basketball shirt. ANd it was all about Jerry Tarkanian back then. He was a great
coach, and UNLV basketball has never been the same since he left.Cori PiascikHenderson, NVTook an
unheard of team to a National ChampionshipDean FletcherLas Vegas, NVThere was
nothing ever like watching him Coach the Runnin Rebels, many fond memories for myself and my
wife.Debbie MauroLas Vegas, NV DWAIN GODOWNLas Vegas, NVHE COULD
should set aside politics and off the court activities. This is a basketball hall of fame, not a humanitarian
or good samaritan award. Jerrys’s contribution to the game speaks for itself. Few coaches have earned
the loyalty from players and fans the way Jerry has. During his time at UNLV, he was among the
winnigest coaches in the NCAA. He helped train many future NBA stars such as Larry Johnson, Stacy
Augman among others. He brought a national championship to our city and is a living legend here in Las
Vegas. Say what you will about his personal life, but few can argue that what he accomplished during
his UNLV tenure may never be done again.gary gottulaLas Vegas, NVgood coachGeniese PaytonLas Vegas, NVJerry
deserves to be inducted into the Basketball of Fame because of his career winning record, and also
because of what he did for this city in giving us a team to be proud of and support. Under his
leadership we won a national championship title and went to the Final Four several times. He made a
lasting impact on UNLV basketball.George OmaishAlabaster, ALCause he is
a UNLV legend!Geri Alaina ButtarLas Vegas, NVThe record
speaks for itself!!!J.M. DyerHenderson, NVCoach
Tarkanian was the best coach UNLV ever had. He took four teams to the Final Four, winning one
championship. He had a great record for a small college in the desert and made UNLV famous. Tark
deserves to be in the Hall of Fame!Jason BrummettLas Vegas, NVJerry is
definitely on of the best coaches of all time. He has the wins, the final fours, and the national
championship. Both his offense and defense were innovative for his time. The Hall has no credibility
until Tark is enshrined.Jason GageLas Vegas, NVSimply the
best! No one else can chew a towel like him!Jimmi MckeeLas Vegas, NVCome on,
tark deserves it more than anyone. Look at what he did with the running rebels! He has more than
contributed & deserves it more than anyone I can think of.Joey LancasterNorth Las Vegas, NVHe was a
great coach and took unlv to the fi al four many times and won one lets go tark the shark, I remember
doing the shark at games when I was about 10Joy FinchHenderson, NVWon a
national title. Stood up for his rights and won. Coached greatest college basketball team ever in Las
Vegas. Also a very nice person. Still supports our team by going to games.Leigh Ann CristLas Vegas, NVExcellent
coach loved by Las Vegas for yearsMarilyn JulianoLas Vegas, NV LaMar K MartinHenderson, NVJerry put
together strong teams and brought the Las Vegas valley together is a way no sports team or function
ever has. Even the Utah Jazz with many followers out of Vegas could not successfully call Vegas their
second homeMarlene TurnerHenderson, NVUndeniably
one of the best!!Melissa MartinezLas Vegas, NVA credit to
our community and the sport. It’s time for Tark to be in the HOF.Michael SchillingHenderson, NVHe’s a
winner!P.A. DyerHenderson, NVJerry
deserves to be in the Basketball Hall of Fame because he earned it!richard vestLa Mirada, CAthe best in
the west everRobert BorofskyNorth Las Vegas, NVJerry
Tarkanian does not deserve to be in th hall of fame, he coached a bunch of criminals who still to this
day cannot read and write. The activities that went on to keep these old men not college basketball
players on the team only God knows and for the NCAA to allow this is unacceptable. Thank you very
much put the great coaches in not the correction officers who baby sit them. Thank you very much.
Bobby B.Russell MinerLas Vegas, NVBecause his
numbers supersede many put in ahead of him.timothy micheal evansLas Vegas, NVone of the
best coachs aroundTom VirziHenderson, NVThe fact
that he won over 700 games while coaching two of the smallest schools in the country. He started the
running game while playing great defense.Wayne ShelledyLas Vegas, NVCoach Tark
deserves to be in the Basketball Hall of Fame because he is one of his lifetime win and loss record. Also
because of the number of times he has gone to the big dance. He is a great coach and has done a lot
to help inner City kids better themselves and become an asset to society.Marsha CookLas Vegas, NVWithout him
UNLV would not be what it is today. He put UNLV and Las Vegas on the map for Collages.

Travis Cool Las Vegas, NV Over 700 wins says it all.
Bradley Beardsley Las Vegas, NV The Hall of Fame is a Mueseum honoring the history of basketball and that history can not be told without Jerry Tarkanian. “The Shark” won national championships and fielded several championship level teams throughout his winning career. It is a shame that he is not in museum honroing the games greats because of an NCAA vendetta. His reccord in the gym speaks for itself!
Jordan Wallace Las Vegas, NV Greatest coach of all time; Tark the Shark!City: Las Vegas
Harlan T. Wells Las Vegas, NV Jerry deserves to be voted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, because Jerry has brought students that needed a second chance to boost their confidence, and for students that needed a chance to develop their skills, that most did not have the proper “stage” to do so. Jerry also brought a much needed boost to Las Vegas via filling of the Thomas & Mack Center durning the time that Jerry started and developed the ‘Running Rebels’ winning program. Jerry also won over 700 games, in his time coaching, including the Rebels program.All and all, Jerry deserves to be voted into the Hall, for all of his achievements.
Curtis Hoenisch Las Vegas, NV Becuase With a 729–201 career coaching record (78.4%) across all college divisions, Tarkanian is in the top 20 for collegiate wins among all men’s coaches. Only four other coaches have a higher winning percentage. He is also one of few college coaches to lead three different schools to 20-win seasons. He accomplished a 20-win season at each school in his first year.
Wayne Cleveland Henderson, NV He brought the Best Brand of Basketball to Las Vegas. Exciting and always fun to watch.
Oman Monk Logandale, NV Mr Tarkanian was one of the greatest Basketball coachs his record proves it.
Sam Zuppe New Castle, PA Why would you keep such an outstanding coach and influence out of the hall of fame?
Ron Richards Las Vegas, NV Mr. Tarkanian has one of the most distinguished coaching records in college basketball. If he doesn’t qualify to be inducted into the Hall of Fame – no one does. Please give Mr Tarkanian the recognition he deserves.
Patrick Mcclain Gilbert, AZ Great coach, high winning percentage, national championship, players love him, he put UNLV on the map, and all of those battles with the NCAA were all about money and UNLV taking some of the pie away from the big conferences. In the end they paid him millions because they knew they were wrong.
Toni Alesia Las Vegas, NV He was the best basketball coach for College Basketball. I was at the Championship game and I traveled and followed the team for many years, until he moved to Fresno St.Then it just wasn’t the same anymore.He brought so much to the game and he was a great leader and a great mentor to those boys.
Thomas Rucci Henderson, NV No more valid way to judge a person then results, often harsh but always valid.Based on his record the question should be why isn’t he in there already.
Christina Gavlak Las Vegas, NV I dont know any reason he shouldn’t!!!!
Amy Williams North Las Vegas, NV Because he
did so much for the Running Rebels I mean look at his record that should be enough all on its own. We
should not even have to be doing this petition.
Andrew McClintic Henderson, NV UNLV has
the #4 all-time winning percentage in NCAA basketball and Mr. Tarkanian is the reason why. He took a
university that was less than 20 years old and put it on the map. It’s really a no-brainer, he belongs in
the Hall of Fame.
Ben Bex Henderson, NV He put
UNLV and UNLV Basketball on the map people didn’t know who UNLV was until Tark came and UNLV
started winning.
Bethany Las Vegas, NV He made
UNLV basketball what it is today!!!
Carol Ann Haddad Las Vegas, NV He was a
great coach! He always showed class to opposing teams and coaches. I witnessed the UNLV – Duke
championship game in Denver and no other team has won that game by 30 pts. Outstanding team and
outstanding coach.
Chuck Bowler Las Vegas, NV He changed
the way basketball is played on both sides of the ball. He was an innovator and partly (if not largely)
responsible for the way the game is played today.
adriano parente Las Vegas, NV I will make it
simple 509-105 record as a coach.
Darrin Montellano Las Vegas, NV
David E. Lutz Las Vegas, NV Jerry put
UNLV on the map. The rest of the country had not heard of it before his incredible performance. I
used to call all over the country to buy merchandise for my store and the best negotiating leverage
that I had was to promise to send a Tark T-shirt in exchange for a good price for my product order.
Doreen Bianchi Las Vegas, NV He’s one of
the greatest basketball coaches ever.
Greg Feuerborn San Tan Valley, AZ From Long
Beach State to UNLV this man brought quality basketball to basketball fans everywhere. His life was
spent in providing opportunity to those who didn’t often get it in other quarters. His brilliant record
was achieved with one eye on the needs of humanity and if he saved just one kid from the streets he
did more than is expected from the profession. He knew that he was exposing himself to the possible
unfortunate outcome but cared not what personal price he might pay. Now it’s time to reward this
trust in others! Great Coach, great man!
J. Pappas Las Vegas, NV Take a look
at his record. 700+ wins says it all. The selection committee should remove the blinders and place him
in the Hall of Fame. Jerry Tarkanian and his basketball program put UNLV on the map.
James Segura Las Vegas, NV Winning
percentagte says it all!!
joe benzinger Las Vegas, NV His record
speaks for itself.I lived in Northern New Jersey when Tark coached at UNLV,his presence was felt that
far away.
Joel Wells Las Vegas, NV
Katie Sears Las Vegas, NV As a student
at UNLV, I am grateful for the credibility and honor that Tark the Shark brought to the UNLV campus
and the Las Vegas Community. Without him, the Runnin Rebels may not have the self worth as
players, nor the high levels of support that they continue to have today. Jerry Tarkanian instilled the
few legends and traditions that UNLV is lucky to have and to forever be proud of. The Tarkanian family
has not only impacted the UNLV campus, but have also contributed to Las Vegas and the state of
Nevada. Tarkanian put UNLV on the map and helped build the city of Las Vegas, and for that he must
be voted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.
Keva Jordan Henderson, NV Tark won a
national championship, has been to multiple Final Fours and is 16th all-time with 729 wins.
Lauren Ekroth Las Vegas, NV His national
championship, his 729 wins, and his being hounded and harrassed by the NCAA
Manuel Herrera West Jordan, UT Why does Jerry Tarkanian deserve to be voted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame?: I remember
when Jerry Tarkanian left Long Beach State and went to UNLV he put Basketball on the map for the
Rebels! I think he deserves his time being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Is name will
always be told when one thinks of Las Vegas, Nevada as to Basketball!
Michael Whalum Las Vegas, NV His style of
coaching and his teams construction was a catalyst to the modern day game that is everywhere today.
Fast, high flying,long range shooting. Most of his teams were not big and even the NBA’s teams are
modeling this style. On top of that he took chances on giving young men opportunities that others
shyed away from. What an American success story for himself, his industry, and all those he touched.
Nicholas Smith Las Vegas, NV Coach Tark
changed the game of basketball. Nobody had the concept of Defense as offense and shortened the
court with such short distances need to score. Press and traps and teaching anticipation left
opponents dazed. 100 point plus totals were rare and unheard of, and it was his norm. While I do think
college basketball would have eventually got to where it is today, Jerry Tarkanian was the innovator of
the modern ‘pace’ of basketball you see today.I think that is his legacy. He defeated the NCAA in
court(that wont get him in HOF though). He also recruited players that would have had no other
opportuinities for success in life and may have turned to crime and gave them an education and a
great collegiate experience. Maybe some of the players werent Rhodes Scholars, but he gave people
and especially african american lower income chances to get out of poverty and get some notice and
opportunity. He also had eccentricities that were unique-such as chewing on a damp towel. There was
also a time when he was the winningness coach by percentage of all time. That simply said, Jerry
Tarkanian was a winner and a unique individual who should be given the credit he deserves!
Rebecca Hines Las Vegas, NV Because he
IS still UNLV basketballs’ greatest representative.. he’s Tark the Shark!! Chew the towel!!
Ryan Jordan Henderson, NV Tark won a
national championship, has been to multiple Final Fours and is 16th all-time with 729 wins.
Sandy Wells Las Vegas, NV BECAUSE HE
Sebastian John Matrisciano Henderson, NV For his
coaching & leadership & for bringing to this town the level of everybody coming together as a Rebel
Sharon Bohanon Henderson, NV He lead the
Runnin Rebels to so many victories. He is well deserving and it’s beyond time for him to finally be
inducted. Please, make us Las Vegans proud.
Ted Smith Logandale, NV The record
speaks for itself. Coach Tarkanian and his teams put UNLV on the map. His team that averaged over
100 points a game for a season remains probably the best shooting college team of all time and that
was before the shot clock and 3-point shot. Who knows how many 3-point shots Sam Smith would
have made in his time at UNLV. That was just one of the outstanding teams during the Tarkanian era. If
any coach deserves to be in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame it is former UNLV Coach Jerry
Tarkanian. One of his towels should also be included in the Hall of Fame.
Walter Olriksen Sr. Logandale, NV One of the
greatest coaches of all time. It’s a traveatry that he has not yet been voted in.
Barbara Richards Las Vegas, NV Why does Jerry Tarkanian deserve to be voted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame?: Tark the
Shark says it all!!!!!
Bill Harrell Henderson, NV I support
the Petition.
Brandon Barlow Las Vegas, NV Tark built
the greatest college team ever, did nothing but win and has a national championship to back it up.
thanks tark.
CHRIS HOPPER Las Vegas, NV He was a
great coach for UNLV.
Christopher Alves Henderson, NV One of the
greatest coaches of all time.
David Tarr Las Vegas, NV Over 700
career wins. National Championship.
Ellis and Sharon Kirby Las Vegas, NV Because
Tark the Shark is a Las Vegas Legend and Transformed our Runnin Rebels into one of the most Exciting
College Basketball Teams of All Time.
Esper Hickman Las Vegas, NV There is no
question about it. He is one of those that should be in the The Hall of Fame. Shame on those people
who are against it.
James Damon,Jr. Henderson, NV Over 700
games won in his career
Joel handy North Las Vegas, NV With the
wins accumulated and the players produced by Jerry’s teams its a travesty he has not been introduced
into the hall Already.
joshua stevenson henderson, NV
Mark Creger Las Vegas, NV Outstanding
Coach, volunteer, and gentleman.
Matthew C. Di Orio Las Vegas, NV National
Championship teams. Winning record. Community supporter.
Matthew Engle Las Vegas, NV *729
coaching wins *Retired from UNLV with the highest winning percentage among all Division 1 coaches
*National Championship in 1990 and multiple Final 4 appearances *Transformed a mediocre program
at UNLV to a national powerhouse and the most exciting atmosphere for watching a college game live
*Defensive-minded specialist whose teams fed off the defensive pressure to transition into one of
the top scoring teams in the country while at UNLV; UNLV teams were averaging over 100 points
before the 3-point clock was in place in the 1970s *Beloved in the Las Vegas community
Michael Charles Johnson Las Vegas, NV Jerry
Tarkanian has a record that puts him in elite company related to college basketball coaches. He has
built successful programs at multiple schools, achieved the highest level of success (including a national
championship), and transformed the university and community in Las Vegas
Paul King Las Vegas, NV First of all,
he has over 700 wins with a 78% win ratio. Second, he coached the BEST college team to ever play the
game (90′ Rebels), let alone bringing three other schools to 20+ season wins in his first year there.
Richar A. Lovin Henderson, NV What else
could we say ,he already overdue for this honor.
Robin Tuttle Las Vegas, NV OMG…what
an amazing coach. I grew up watching him and the Rebels with my Dad. Until February of last year I
had not been to a Rebel game since my Dad died. I took my 15 year old son last year and he is hooked
on Rebel ball. I’m gonna be broke forever paying for season tickets.What a treat it was to see Tark at the game with Lois. He is forever in the hearts of all Rebel fans.
Great coach and great mentor!!
Ron Jolly Central Point, OR I’m old
enough to have seen him in his prime. His abilities were only overshadowed by his success. He had no
problem recruiting top high school talent and molding them into fine young men and super ball
players. He just had a way to communicate without be overbearing like some other coaches were. He
instilled pride and desire. That’s what made him, one of the best and deserving a place in the Hall of
Fame. He earned it.
Sean Logan Las Vegas, NV
Shari Compton Las Vegas, NV He
produced a national championship team. Many of his players went on to play professional ball. He
was responsible for bringing Las Vegans a lo0t a joy and excitement.